When Communities Complain Too Much Online We All Lose

When a community complains too much online it not only makes us all look bad, it costs the community as a whole needed cash support and new business development.

Case in point, the Ted Walker Memorial Pool. We are constantly amazed by the complaints on Facebook about the cost to swim for a few hours, $4.00 so we decided to look around and see what else costs $4.00 (or close to it) that those complaining spend money on once a week, some once a day in many cases.

You guessed it … COFFEE! (with an dishonorable mention to cigarettes)

The complaining about the cost of swimming at the community pool has gone beyond obsessive. Take a look at the prices for the two largest coffee chains in our community below or the statewide average cost for a pack of cigarettes, perhaps if those complaining drank one or two less of these “specialty coffee” drinks per week or didn’t buy that pack of smokes they (if they are) could drop the $4.00 plus for their child to spend some quality time at the community pool.

It Costs Money To Have Nice Things

$4.00 is a small price to pay considering what it costs for Maintenance, Insurance, Staffing …


* Family membership is two adults and their children under age 18 living in the same house hold, up to 6 individuals. ($20/each additional child)

… then of course there are those who complain that the pool is not, covered so it can be used year round so they take their business to another community pool that is. Well, the facts regarding this are clear, there were two bonds one to cover it for year round use and the other not. The community voted to not have the pool covered so who is to blame?

Lessons Being Taught

If those complaining that $4.00 is too much to pay for their child to have a little fun and stay cool during the summer months what are they teaching them about how they value their child’s happiness? That $4.00 is too much to pay to have some fun but hey that coffee at $3.50 plus per day or the pack of smokes at $5.00 plus per pack is money well spent right?

Ask Yourself ‘What Do You Value More?’

Some people just complain to hear themselves complain my Grandfather once said. It accomplishes nothing except to attract the wanted attention to the complainer.

In the grand scheme of things in life, “You have to give a little, you have to take a little …” and in my experience it’s usually the complainers that are all taking and no giving.

…Until Next Time, “Peace, Love, and Chocolate Chip Cookies.” ~ Matt