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Gorge Business Launches Hyper-Local Gorge Community Site

Covering the entire Columbia River Gorge from Troutdale out to past Biggs, and covering both Oregon ...Read More

Gorge Area Events Calendar Is Here!

We’ve been working hard to bring this feature to Gorge Communities.  Find out what events are ...Read More

Something To Ponder …

Good morning. Well, here we are. It’s Sunday again. I’m sure you’ve all come expecting to hear a ser...Read More

Robotic Tail for Humans

Full Story At: CNN.COM

Small Town Dying

Being born in the 1960s and to grow up in the 1970’s in an area where everybody knew everyone. There...Read More

10 Ways To Leave The Drama Behind

I’ve often felt that current culture lacked a great moment to call our own. The previous generations...Read More

Quote post

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success w...Read More

Confessions of a Shop Local Fanatic

Why shop local? It’s not because I think I’m doing my local stores a big favor. It’s just the opposi...Read More