About Gorge Connect

What's our story? Well, whatever it is, we're sticking to it.

Why Choose Gorge Connect?

We’re locally owned, gorge community centric, less drama more substance.

Gorge Connect

The Best Interface

Easy to navigate, customized user pages, no app needed to use on mobile devices.

Gorge Connect

Messaging System

User to User private messaging system.

Gorge Connect


Get badges for your profile for completing various stages and tasks, making it fun to participate.

Gorge Connect

Incredible Features

Our features are geared toward Gorge Communities: Webcams, News Tickers, Community Groups and more.

Gorge Connect

Beautifully Coded

Beautifully coded by Gorge residents who want to promote our local communities and values.

Gorge Connect

Friendly Support

Support available via Chat, Groups, or eMail.

About Gorge Connect

We’re a Social Network with a Twist. Our members are your community members from up and down the Columbia River Gorge.

Covering the entire Columbia River Gorge from Troutdale out to past Biggs, and covering both Oregon and Washington, the GorgeConnect.com community site provides the first-ever comprehensive Gorge-focused go-to website platform.

This site provides local area news, classified marketplace, regular posts, instant messaging, video posting, blogs, events, and groups in a one-stop location that provides much more flexibility than any other groups found on Facebook.

As an improved community resource, this site offers more features including protection against fake profiles, spammers, and trolls to create a family-friendly online forum that is also moderated.

Registration for the site is easy and quick, providing users the opportunity to use their Facebook profiles to login or if they aren’t members of that platform, a separate yet just as easy registration process.

With a more local-centric approach, GorgeConnect.com provides a community gathering place that allows local residents to have civil discussions about issues that matter to them while also providing opportunities to build community through connections, volunteering opportunities, and other ways to help.

For more information and to register, please visit www.gorgeconnect.com today!

Gorge Connect